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Loudmouth - "Tear My Hair Out" 1993 AUS
Mick, Gary, Robbie and Dave hailed from Australia, and I only know of this one 4 song E.P., which is a shame because there are a couple of punkcore classics on this one.

stain.jpg (11k)
Stain - "This Is .. Planet Grot" UK
Plain white labels with an address stamp on one side. Not much info, but good British punk from the '90s.

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Freshies - "Wrap Up the Rockets and It's Going To Get Better" 1981 UK
Freshies frontman Chris Sievey died of cancer on June 21st at age 54. The Freshies were hugely under rated, and were one of the best powerpop bands all time. Maybe their titles were too long; four of their singles had nine words or more in the titles. "If You Really Love Me Buy Me a Shirt" made Shredding Paper's list of the "50 Greatest Singles Ever." (see link below)

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Aurora Pushups - "Angels On Runway 1" 1978 US
The Pushups, as they were later renamed, were a mainstay of the SF punk club scene. This South Bay band were similar in style to Vancouver's Pointed Sticks. A year after this, their second and final single was issued under the Pushups moniker, leaving a lot of great early recordings unheard.

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Aquanaut Drinks Coffee - "Eff" 1994 US
ADC were a '90s band from Tempe, Arizona. (Let's all hope their citizenship papers are in order) "Eff" is from the trio's only 7 inch release, the "Summer" EP on blue vinyl on their own Wooden Blue imprint. It was recorded in '93, at which point the band had been together two years.

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